Customer Comments

Customers Comments

Excellent Service and High Integrity

7th October 2019

We booked our Hajj with Hijaz this year based on high recommendations from close friends and relatives who had booked with them previously. Alhamdulillah, we have to say we were not disappointed. Hijaz sincerely cared and took pride in the services they offered and did their utmost at all times to ensure we were all looked after and performed our Hajj to the best of our abilities. They were flexible and often went out of their way to cater for all needs.
May Allah SWT reward them for all their endeavours in helping and ensuring so many people over the last 15 years or so managed to perform their Hajj safely and fruitfully. In summary, I highly recommend Hijaz Travel Ltd to all my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters due to their excellent service and the fact they operate with so much integrity, it’s inspiring and awesome, MashaAllah.

—Nurul Islam

Hajj 2019

23rd September 2019

Alhamdulillah, we have performed our hajj this year through Hijaz Hajj package 2019. Hijaz travel service were excellent from the booking to completion of the Hajj. They helped us each and every opportunity we had requested. They kept a steady presence in the hotel lobby so someone was on hand to help. They had very good intention to run the whole process in a smooth and orderly manner, however this did not always come to fruition, due situations beyond their control or instructions not being followed by the Hajji’s.
The Hilton accommodation was second to none. However at Zamzam Pullman there were issues with the restaurant not coping with the volume of people We especially enjoyed the Ziyarath talks by Bodrul Bhai, we just wish we didn’t have the sound of the coach behind us so we could hear every word. It was an honour to have the seminars hosted by Sheikh Mahmudul Hasan. it was extremely beneficial to help understand our hajj actions.Thank you Tofayel Bhai and all the Hijaz staff, it was a wonderful experience to visit House of Allah and performed all the rituals of Hajj and with out your service we wouldn’t be able to do it as well..

—Mohammed Shahjahan

I would be recommending Hijaz Travel to family and friends.

23rd September 2019

Dear Hijaz,

Wa alycum Salaam, my wife and I thank you very much for giving us the opportunity for a well informed Hajj trip.

The Hajj trip was tough for me because of my health situation which I did not realise before I travelled.

We both appreciated your help and support throughout the trip, especially when I was in hospital.

I would be recommending Hijaz Travel to family and friends.

—Serajul Haider

Make the hajj Journey easy and safe

23rd September 2019

I just wanted to send a quick message to thank all of the hijaz group for all there immense hard work and effort to help make the hajj Journey easy and safe and as comfortable as possible. May Allah reward you for all your efforts jazak Allah khairan

—Nazmin Chowdhury

Hajj 2019

16th September 2019

The service was amazing and the brothers were so helpful, they went above and beyond to help /assist me . They were always there for me and even took me to the medical centre when I was ill, the sister helped me so much while I was ill I can’t thank them enough for all their help & support starting from the Uk & during my Hajj. I definitely recommend them to everyone May Allah swt reward them for the service they are providing. Ameen

Sister Shelly

—Shelly Ullah

Hajj 2019

11th September 2019

Excellent Pakage. They did more what they have promised. You can expect some disorganisation when more than 4 million people are doing same thing at same time but it can’t be mistake on part of organiser. I said to Brother Tufayl during Hajj and repeat it again that use WhatsApp or any other technology to communication .
As a whole I recomend them and happy to use them again
Dr K Barlas

—Dr Khurram Barlas

Hajj review

11th September 2019

Dear Hijaz, Thank you for making my Hajj trip to my Allah’s house wonderful. Thank you for organising this beautifully easing every step of the way. Thank you for organising it in such a way, that I was hassle free and enjoyed my prayer and dua. You have looked after us really well – all the time Hijaz staff was present to help and guide us. I’ve already recommended my friends about your team. InshAllah, may Allah allow me to visit his house again, inshAllah I book through Hijaz.

—Mrs Seema Khurram


11th September 2019

First of all, I don’t post many reviews in my private and professional life, but I’m compelled to do so in this case, I need 10 stars. Hijaz travel exceeded all our expectations in every aspects of our Hajj tour. The professionalism of staff both from UK and Saudi were outstanding. Customer service is not a department it’s attitude, I was so overwhelmed with attitude and friendliness of the hotel staff in Saudi they were absolutely outstanding, always went out of their way to help the visitors in a such stressful and testing time.

—Mohammed Maruf Rahman

Hajj 2019

11th September 2019

Hajj this year with Hijaz group was a wonderful memorable ,spiritual experience the whole stay was amazing from when we landed to Jeddah right through the end there was 5 of us who travelled ,Tofayel baiya came right out and met us in Jeddah to the hotel everything went smoothly the food was amazing the whole journey was truly a once in a lifetime experience the group workers were very helpful Tofayel baiya his family the sister who went (wife )daughter were wonderful , very helpful to I would recommend them to anyone family friends too and would love to travel with them again in future may Allah reward Tofayel bhaiyaa his wife family and all the hijaz group for their hard work and accept all our Duas and especially our hajj .jazakallah khair.

—Alimun Nessa


26th February 2019

May Allah except our Hajj and may allah reward hijaz travels for there hard work and efforts.

—Forhad abdin