Customer Comments

Customers Comments

Umrah December 2018

8th January 2019

We are delighted with our tailor made Umrah package from Hijaz travel. Alhumdulillah everything was organised so well. Our hotels, transfers and agent (Selim Bhai) were all super! I would consider booking my Hajj through Hijaz In SHA Allah

—Nina Ali

Umrah December 2018

8th January 2019

Alhumdulillah we are delighted with Hijaz Travel. They organised and planned our tailor made Umrah package to match our requirements. The hotels, staff, transfers, flights and agent in Saudi (brother Selim) were all fantastic Alhumdulillah. I would recommend this agency. In SHA Allah planning to go for Hajj with Hijaz

—Nina Ali

Tailor made Umrah package

8th January 2019

Alhumdulillah we had a fantastic tailor made Umrah package through Hijaz travel. Brother Selim was very helpful and he was in constant contact with us to check if we needed anything. He even greeted us in our hotel! Our hotels, flights and transportation were fantastic too Alhumdulillah. I hope to book my Hajj through Hijaz soon In SHA Allah

—Nina Ali


12th November 2018

Our umrah trip was very efficiently arranged. Brother Selim in Mecca was extremely helpful and arranged everything for us as when requested. We had few issues with the representative in Medina but they were quickly resolved. Overall we are very happy with the service we have been provided with and I would definitely use Hijaz travel again. Thank you for everything

—Aisha Rahmani

Fantastic once in a lifetime journey!! Thank you Hijaz Travels

17th September 2018

We travelled with Hijaz travels in September 2018 to perform our Hajj. Hand on heart, there is not a single thing to complain about. Hijaz travels took care of us from the moment we left the UK. Tufayl bhai travelled out with us and was always to hand throughout our 25 day trip. We went for the economy package, which was alhumdulillah, fit for purpose. The hotel was within a 10 minute walk in both Mecca and Madina. Food was served to us, 3 times a day. Breakfast was not part of the package but was given. For lunch and dinner, we were given a choice of 4 different curries with rice and naan/chapatti. This did become slightly repetitive but there is plenty of choice for people who want to purchase their own food from local food outlets. Food was also provided in Arafaat, Muzdalifa and Mina.

Just a point to note, the majority of people travelling with this group were of Bangladeshi origin. We were in a quad sharing room and were put with other people of the same community. We were taken on Ziyaraah trips, which seemed slightly rushed but the purpose of the trip was to perform Hajj. I would recommend that people of the same community are in the same coach for these trips to allow the pilgrim to benefit from the guides talk (I would of preferred an English speaking guide to allow me to fully benefit from what was being said during the ziyaarah).

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all at Hijaz travels for offering my family and I such an amazing, stress free Hajj. We did not have to worry about a single thing, which meant we were able to fully focus on our ibaadat and make the most of our journey of a life time. May Allah swt continue to allow you to serve the Haji’s in such a beautiful manner and reward you all abundantly for your efforts.

My salaam and duas, Mohammed Akram

—Mohammed Akram

Hajj 2018

17th September 2018

I would like to thank Hijaz Travel for making this Hajj journey for me and my son a memorable experience for all the right reasons. The key for me was them keeping to all the promises made prior to booking and throughout the journey. The staff were very helpful, good selection of food and most importantly very knowledgeable guides.

I would not hesitate to recommend them to others and may Allah reward them for all their efforts in looking after the Hujjaj.

—Mahbubur Rahman

Hajj 2018

17th September 2018

We would like to show our great appreciation to Hijaz Travel for all their help, which, with the grace of Allah, enabled us this year to complete our Hajj with an extraordinary sense of fulfilment.

We found them to be very professional, transparent and totally dedicated to providing support at all stages. The services they provided not only addressed collective needs but also went further to meet individual needs. We have heard from other Hajjis and we ourselves have experienced many examples of that, often going above and beyond their call of duty. One example is that we needed to break away from the group to return to London early – the day after the Hajj finished. They, in particular brother Tofayel and brother Maqsood dealt with it very non-judgemental, professionally and in a sympathetic way. They not only went out of their way to get an earlier flight for us and arranged for our transport and passport collection at the airport, but remained constantly in contact until we boarded the plane well after midnight. We strongly believe that most other Hajj operators would not have the ability or inclination to assist individuals that way.
We would make some suggestions for Hijaz Travels to consider in order to enhance their high standard of service even further. Firstly they should have at least one British trained first aider among the staff. Secondly as they continue to grow and have a large number of female clients, in the long run consider employing a female guide/leader.

We pray to Allah to highly reward everyone connected with Hijaz Travel for their good deeds in working tirelessly. Helping us and others so actively in fulfilling our religious obligations. We further pray that Allah to give them toufiq to serve Hajj pilgrims for many years to come.

—Mr Najrul Khasru & Mrs Rahnaz Khasru

Hajj -2018

16th September 2018

Alhamdulillah and first of all very grateful to Allah that given towfiq me and my wife perform Hajj this year via Hijaz travels. Provided great and accurate service as they promised. Step to step guide by renown Sheikh was amazingly helpful and the continuous support from the agency directors and staff praiseworthy. I am very satisfied on Hijaz travels and may Allah give them towfiq to provide great and satisfactory service to pilgrims every year.

—Muhammad Moniruzzaman Monir

Excellent service

14th September 2018

Alhamdulillah, I’m very glad to complete my hajj with Hijaz Travel. They were very supportive nd the service was phenomenal. It really made my hajj journey a breeze. The people are amazing. The whole experience was very smooth and I had no problems. I definitely recommend Hijaz Travel and will definitely be using them again inshallah. JazakAllah for the best service ever.

—Nazrul Hoque

Hajj 1439 (2018) with Hijaz Travel Ltd

12th September 2018

I chose to go Hajj with Hijaz Travel based on a recommendation from a friend who went on Hajj (him and his wife) with the group last year (2017). Straight away my friend put my mind at ease by saying “hand on heart brother, you will have no problems or issues AT ALL with Hijaz!”. I chose the non-shifting 19 day 5* package and was I impressed. From the moment we landed at Jeddah, everything went so smoothly and accordingly to plan and in some cases better than what was expected. The Hijaz Team that accompanied us from the UK and the Team they had in place in Saudi were totally professional and handled everything. My special thanks to Maqsood Bhai and Thufayel Bhai who went above and beyond in making sure everyone knew what they were doing at each step of the way by answering lots of questions. Both hotels were fantastic and within 5 minutes walk into the Haram Shareef / Masjid Nabawi, food was too much to choose from with buffets for breakfast and dinner and lunch was also provided complimentary which was a nice bonus. My only recommendation would be to allow sufficient time for the Ziyaraat of both places and maybe include a visit to Jannat al Maula (Makkah) in the package? Often it felt a bit rushed and so this could be looked into for all future trips. All in all, this was a wonderful spiritual journey for me that Allah (SWT) allowed me to complete through Hijaz. May Allah (SWT) Bless everyone involved in Hijaz for all the efforts and sacrifice, Ameen. This is not the last they will hear from me! Insha Allah I am already thinking of going Umrah with family soon and will obviously choose Hijaz.

—Muhammad Shelim Afsar