Customer Comments

Customers Comments

Excellent service

14th September 2018

Alhamdulillah, I’m very glad to complete my hajj with Hijaz Travel. They were very supportive nd the service was phenomenal. It really made my hajj journey a breeze. The people are amazing. The whole experience was very smooth and I had no problems. I definitely recommend Hijaz Travel and will definitely be using them again inshallah. JazakAllah for the best service ever.

—Nazrul Hoque

Hajj 1439 (2018) with Hijaz Travel Ltd

12th September 2018

I chose to go Hajj with Hijaz Travel based on a recommendation from a friend who went on Hajj (him and his wife) with the group last year (2017). Straight away my friend put my mind at ease by saying “hand on heart brother, you will have no problems or issues AT ALL with Hijaz!”. I chose the non-shifting 19 day 5* package and was I impressed. From the moment we landed at Jeddah, everything went so smoothly and accordingly to plan and in some cases better than what was expected. The Hijaz Team that accompanied us from the UK and the Team they had in place in Saudi were totally professional and handled everything. My special thanks to Maqsood Bhai and Thufayel Bhai who went above and beyond in making sure everyone knew what they were doing at each step of the way by answering lots of questions. Both hotels were fantastic and within 5 minutes walk into the Haram Shareef / Masjid Nabawi, food was too much to choose from with buffets for breakfast and dinner and lunch was also provided complimentary which was a nice bonus. My only recommendation would be to allow sufficient time for the Ziyaraat of both places and maybe include a visit to Jannat al Maula (Makkah) in the package? Often it felt a bit rushed and so this could be looked into for all future trips. All in all, this was a wonderful spiritual journey for me that Allah (SWT) allowed me to complete through Hijaz. May Allah (SWT) Bless everyone involved in Hijaz for all the efforts and sacrifice, Ameen. This is not the last they will hear from me! Insha Allah I am already thinking of going Umrah with family soon and will obviously choose Hijaz.

—Muhammad Shelim Afsar

Best experience in Hajj

12th September 2018

Mashallah Hajaz done an excellent job serving hajis in Saudi. No Hajj agency can be perfect during Hajj time due to high attendance . They put their best effort to provide best service . Food was excellent I have to say .

—Mahmud Hasan

Experience of a lifetime

11th September 2018

Alhamdullilah i was sooo honoured to perform hajj with my family and it was an amazing journey we embarked on, never to forget and this will always stay with me inshaallah.
The Hijaz staff Maqsood bai, Tufayl bai and Gul bai were great and so was the crew they had over there were excellent. Service was pin point. Maqsood bai service was exceptional he was always there answering all my questions and providing all relevant information from the day i made my first payment up until the last day. All Hijaz staffs were a pleasure to be with, the hotels were great and the food was everlasting. Shaykh Mahmudal Hassan was top class and provided all relevant information and was always helpful when i had any queries. I would recommend Hijaz to freinds and families and keep up the good work.

—Omar Shakir

Great experience

8th September 2018

Very reliable and approachable workers who were always extremely accommodating of our needs. Provided more than what was included in the package, free of charge. Overall top marks and would recommend

—Mohiuddin Ahmed

Hajj 2018

6th September 2018

My husband and I embarked on our trip of a lifetime with Hijaz Travels’s 5 star package, we have just returned and alhamdulillah the company exceeded our expectations.

Logistically managing so many hajjis seems an ordeal, but you managed to transfer and transport us efficiently and comfortably as required, and we were kept informed at all times. Sheikh Mahmudul Hassan was fantastic in his knowledge and delivery, may Allah swt reward him for all his efforts.

A few constructive comments, the food at both hotels was exceptional throughout, but repetitive. Also, the ziyarats were incredibly brief and sometimes not worth the time taken on the journey. Either spend more time or do not do the tour altogether, drive by ziyarats are not what we expect.

Brother Maqsood has been responding to my constant questions since January 2018, and continued to be equally helpful throughout the journey. I am thankful to you all for enabling my husband and i to complete our fifth pillar, i pray Allah accepts our hajj and rewards you all for your endeavours.

I have already recommended Hijaz Travel to friends and family for their Umrah and Hajj needs.

Finally, i would recommend a group picture to be taken of your hajjis at the start and end of their journey, i would have liked to have had that looking back in years to come.

May Allah swt bless you with more.

—Mrs Nilufar Miah


6th September 2018

It’s my first Hajj Alhamdulilah with my family there was 7 of us in total. During the days prior to us leaving Some of my family members had already been on hajj and they told me about some of the problems they had faced while on the journey. It’s fair to say I wasn’t looking forward to facing these problems myself… but Alhamdulilah I can say from the moment we got there until we left they were very well organised, it’s obvious they have been doing this for many many years.
Some of the best things are;
– They all travel with you the whole way! And I mean it, all the guys you see at the branch will be with you throughout the whole journey.
– Sheikh Hasan who is amazing will be with the group and provide answers to any questions and about 3-4 lectures are held to boost your imaan and to inform us about what to do each step of the journey.

Honestly thank you guys for organising this trip of a lifetime for me and my family

—Irfaan Farid

Great value for money

6th September 2018

My wife and I completed hajj this year with Hijaz Travel.

I have done hajj before with other tour operators (it was my wife’s first time) and I can say my wife and I were impressed with Hijaz Travel. Their service was outstanding and great value for money.

Our contacts were brothers Sunat, Maqsood and Tofayul who were helpful
and very approachable. Brother Sunat called us shortly after our return to UK to see how we were doing – a genuinely, thoughtful gesture from a true gentleman and it reflected the care shown by their team.

Hijaz Travel were organised and professional throughout, their hotels were around 5 minutes walk from both mosques, non-shifting packages (essential!) and they provided 2-3 meals daily (eating out can be a nightmare during busy meal times).

Al Shohada hotel in Makkah is an old 5* hotel just behind the Clock Tower. It is nice, clean and spacious with helpful staff and big breakfast and dinner buffets!

Zam Zam Pullman in Medina is a beautiful modern 5* hotel located at the front of Masjid Nabawi. It takes barely 5 minutes to get the entrance of our Prophets SAW tomb which was a huge bonus.

Mina is Mina – don’t expect luxuries but then again it’s a humbling experience and what hajj is about. Expect packed tents with air coolers. Majority tour operators occupy similar tents. Some operators may offer ‘VIP tents’ with A/C but personally I find them too cold and give rise to sore throat and other health issues.

Well done to the team at Hijaz Travel. May Allah SWT reward you immensely. No doubt I will recommend Hijaz Travel to my family and friends.

Tip: On 10th of Dhul Hijjah I recommend getting a taxi from
Makkah to Mina. It’s quicker and cost around 200 riyals (shared between 4 it’s about £10pp). Make sure they drop you off at the Slaughter House (Moassem) which is the closest point to the European tents – do not accept ‘Mina’ because they’ll drop you on the opposite side of Mina (near Jamarat) and it’s another 1hour walk from there!

—Dr Mohammed Zaman

Great experience

6th September 2018

Fantastic service I have no complaints to make. I wish Hijaj travel to succeed coming years.

—Yaminur rahman

Professional and efficent

6th September 2018

Alhamdulilah, we were both able to complete our Hajj safely. May Allah accept all our Hajj from us. We are satisfied with the service we had received from the Hijaz travels, and we want to thank them for their professionalism. May Allah provide them to serve future Hajis the way they have served us. Ameen
Kind Regards,
Mohammed Shahjahan Ahmed and Mrs Halima Ahmed.

—Mohammed Shahjahan Ahmed