Customer Comments

Customers Comments

Hajj Trip 2018

4th September 2018

Just wanted to say a big thank you to Hijaz Travel. This was my first time that I was going to Hajj and Umrah. Hijaz made sure that everything went smoothly with no issues. We had seminars which where extremely helpful and informative and guided you through the different phases of Hajj and Umrah as well as being informed of all the travel arrangements. The team where always avalible and present and more then helpful to answer any questions or concerns that we had. I would not hesitate to recommend Hijaz Travel to any one who is thinking of going to Hajj or Umrah.

—Ayaz Sabir

Hajj 2018

4th September 2018

Can’t thank enough the Hijaz Management and the Saudi local team members for their excellent support and help during my hajj ! Hotel , food , hospitality , attention , pro active attitude – all were to my satisfaction. Special thanks and doa for the wonderful lunch they have served us every day even it wasn’t included in our package! May Allah bless my friends and brothers at Hijaz Travel , make them the best hajj service provider in the uk insha Allah. Last but not least , the presence and step by step guide from Sheikh Mahmudul Hasan has certainly contributed most behind my hajj e mabroor, I feel , Alhamdulillah ! May Allah give him long healthy life and lot more opportinities to share knowledge and extend support to many more brothers and sisters in the days to come. Aameen.

—Shahed Shams

Hijaz travels Hajj 2018

4th September 2018

My Husband and I traveled to Hajj this year, we went on the 11th August 2018, and returned on the 30th August 2018.
We stayed at Al-Shohada Hotel in Makkah, and Zam Zam Pullman In Madina. We had Shaikh Mahmudul Hassan with our group at all times, almost everyday we had seminars, and he explained all the activities of hajj according to Quran and Sunnah.
Alhamdulillah we are both extremely happy with their service.

—Lipi Begum

Hajj August 2018

4th September 2018

This was our first time doing both Hajj and Umrah and alhamdulillah it has been an amazing journey. Everyone at Hijaz worked so hard to make sure that everything went smoothly and so we were able to truly get the most out of our Hajj trip. The seminars were extremely helpful and well delivered, we would like to thank Sheikh Mahmudul Hasan for sharing his knowledge with us, answering the many questions that were asked and helping us to understand the true meaning of this journey. Brother Maksood, Tofeyyel and Selim did a wonderful job at organising the transfers and hotel arrangements, they were very patient and accommodating to our individual needs. Also, the Hijaz staff based in Saudi were brilliant and helped us out a lot. Overall, Hijaz definitely went beyond our expectations and we are eternally grateful to them for their hard work and dedication. May Allah SWT insha’Allah reward them all for their amazing effort. We look forward to travelling with Hijaz again insha’Allah!

—Farhana Hossain

Hajj 2018

4th September 2018

Me and my mum went on our spiritual journey to Hajj with Hijaz travel based in Coventry Road, Birmingham. My mum is very elderly and Hijaz travel took this on board and made special measures for my mother so that she was able to make this journey with ease, they also took into consideration her dietary requirements. Going forward I would highly recommend them to all my family and friends and anyone who wishes to travel to Saudi

—Abdul wadud

Hajj 2018

31st August 2018

Alhumdulilah my family and I have just returned from Hajj. We made a last minute booking with Hijaz travels as our initial operator did not full fill any of the pre Hajj promises. My first contact with the organisation was via Sidi Maqsood, who patiently answered all of my questions and concerns. Since that conversation, Hijaz travels catered for our needs above and beyond what we could have ever wished for. We are based in Scotland, but Hijaz travels adjusted the flights to suit us, posted out all the essential books/tags/documents and created an online feed for the seminar as we were unable to travel out for them. I am sure there are many groups, with all the bells and whistles to appear professional and organised, but Hijaz travels have proven their service through complete sincerity. And at times, my family and I felt we were the only hajjis they had, as their attention to each hajji was that personal! I have yet to meet a team of people who are willing to self sacrifice for the sake of Allah the way these men did for our group, and for that, my family and I will remain indebted. I cannot recommend Hijaz travels enough for your Hajj choice.

May Allah reward your team
immensely and bless you with the reward of all the Hajjis! We look forward to travelling with you all soon again Insha’Allah.

—Fahriea Mimi Anis

Umrah December 2017

10th January 2018

Alhamdulilah, Had a fantastic time preforming umrah. We got excellent service here (specially by brother Maqsood) and through out our stay in Makkah and Madinah by Hijaz travel staff. They took care of everything for us and delivered as we requested. Any brothers or sisters hoping to preform umrah or hajj i highly recommend Hijaz travel.
Jazzak Allah khair

—Nazrul Islam

Excellent Service

7th December 2017

Alhamdulillah, our great umrah and hajj tour in Mecca and Medina was fabulous indeed!!!
Overall very good package and tour operators delivered what they promised.
Jazaka Allahu Khairan

—Mohammad Sawalin Gahlot

Excellent Service

7th December 2017

With the permission of Allah SWT, We are now looking for Hajj packages and this review relates to Umrah we performed last year (2016). We have found Hijaz Travel very trust worthy and straight forward. InshaAllah we will use their service again.

—Baten Choudhury

Truely 5 star

3rd November 2017

If someone is after 5 star package they will be the best option

—Ferdous ahmed rajib