5* Non Shifting Hajj Package 2020 by Hijaz Travel Ltd, Birmingham, UK


DEPARTURE: 22th JULY, 2020 (1 Day +/-)
RETURN:  08th AUGUST, 2020 (1Day +/-)


Makkah: Makkah Hilton Convention 5*
150 meters from the courtyard of Haram  ( www3.hilton.com )
Medina : Frontel Al Harithia 5*
100 meters from the courtyard of Prophet's Mosque ( www.frontelmed.com )

Quad £7295.00 pp     Triple £7895.00 pp  Double £9195.00 pp   

17 Days package 

Flight Information

 1  RJ 112 G 21JUL LHRAMM 1705 0010  22JUL  
 2  RJ 708 G 22JUL AMMJED 0440 0650  22JUL                  
 3  RJ 723 G 08AUG MEDAMM  0615 0800  08AUG 
 4  RJ 111 G 08AUG  AMMLHR  1200 1525  08AUG  


22nd JULY 2020

Meet your tour guide at Birmingham, Manchester or London airport (1 day +/-) at least 5 hours before departure time. Arrive in Jeddah - Formalities at Jeddah Airport can take up to 6-12 hours. Proceed to Makkah by Saudi Government approved coaches.  Check into MAKKAH HILTON CONVENTION 5* HOTEL. (Please note: check in process can take up to 5 to 6 hours).

22nd To 29th JULY 2020

We will spend these days in MAKKAH HILTON CONVENTION 5*  HOTEL. During your stay you will be provided with buffet breakfast
and dinner.

29th JULY 2020

In the early morning of the 29th July we will proceed to Mina and begin the rites of Hajj 1441. We will stay overnight in the European
tents. You will be provided with sofa beds, pillows and blankets. Complimentary meals will be provided.

30th July 2020

Proceed to Arafat. In Arafat you will be accommodated in Air cooler tents. Complimentary lunch will be provided and a dry food pack will
be provided for Muzdalifa. After sunset we will proceed to Muzdalifa. In Muzdalifa you will spend the night in open fields – you will also need to collect pebbles for stoning at the Jamaraat.

31st JULY 2020

Proceed from Muzdalifa to the tents in Mina and rest until allocated time to walk to the Jamaraat for rammi (throwing stones). After
stoning we will continue walking to your hotel. You will be informed after the completion of your Qurbani, (please bear in mind that news for the Qurbani is a long process and your patience is required) you will then s have or cut your hair. You will then proceed to Masjid Al- Haram to perform your Tawaf and Sai’i of hajj individually or in mutual groups. After completing the Tawaf and Sai’i we will proceed
and walk back to the tents in Mina.

 01st AUGUST 2020

We will walk to the Jamaraat for rammi (stoning) at the allocated 2020 time given by the Muallim office. After stoning we will walk back to
the tents in Mina.

 02nd AUGUST 2020

We will walk to the Jamaraat for rammi at the allocated time given by 2020 the Muallim Office. After stoning we will walk back to your Hotel in Makkah – MAKKAH HILTON CONVENTION 5* HOTEL

02nd To 4th AUGUST 2020

During these days you will stay at MAKKAH HILTON CONVENTION 5* TO HOTEL. Perform your farewell Tawaf individually or in small mutual 2020 groups.

04th AUGUST 2020

We will check out of MAKKAH HILTON CONVENTION 5* HOTEL. We 2020 will proceed to Madina. We will travel to Madina on private air- (1 day +/-) conditioned coaches and check in to FRONTEL ALHARITHIA 5* HOTEL Madinah (Please note check in procedure can take up to several hours).

04th TO 08th AUGUST 2020

We will stay in Madina  until 8th  August 2020.  During your stay at the FRONTEL ALHARITHIA 5* HOTEL you will be provided with buffet 2020 breakfast and dinner.

08th AUGUST 2020

We will check out of FRONTEL ALHARITHIA 5* HOTEL and will (1 day +/-) proceed to Madina Airport by government approved coaches for flights back to the U.K.

All Packages include the following:

1. Indirect flights from Heathrow, Birmingham, and Manchester & Edinburgh Airport depending on flight availability. Return from Jeddah / Madina Airport to Heathrow Birmingham or Manchester & Edinburgh Airport .

2. Acquisition of necessary Hajj visa and hajj draft (under new Saudi Regulations)

3. All ground transport will be by private air conditioned coaches except for transportation from the Jeddah Airport to the Makkah Hotel, Madina Hotel to Madina Airport and the transportation during the days of hajj. These will be by approved Saudi Government buses.

4. Air cooler tents in Mina with plaster boards & extra AC. You will also be provided with sofa beds, pillows & blankets. Please note that the tents in Mina and Arafat will be congested due to limited space.

5. Complimentary fixed menu packed meals will be provided at Mina, Arafat and Muzdalifa

6. Regular informative hajj seminars presented by renowned scholar from the UK in English

7. Complementary Ziyaarah

8. Qurbani

The following is not include in the package price:

1. Travel insurance – However we strongly recommended that you purchase travel insurance for all persons
2. The use of hotel porters or concierge service
3. Lunch not included at the Hotels in Makkah & Madina

All meals provided are complementary – this in not included in the package price
All dates, prices, flights & hotels are subject to change without prior notice.

Booking requirements:  

  • To book your place on our Hajj tours please ensure you have the following:A valid British Passport. All passports must be valid for at least 7 months from the date of
    For EC (Non-British) passport holders, we can only apply for a hajj visa if the  applicant is a resident in the United Kingdom, in which case proof of residency will be required when applying for the visa.
    Non-European Community (EC) passport holders must have permanent residency, student visa or work visa and must have entered the UK two months prior to applying. The passport must have at least 7 months UK residency remaining on the visa from the date of departure.
  • A valid A.C.W.Y. MENINGITIS vaccination certificate .
  • 4 recent passport size colour photos (with a white background)
  • Deposit of £1500 - non-refundable
  • All outstanding balances must be paid and cleared by the 30th April 2020. Please note that the Hajj Visas on foreign passports are at the discretion of the Saudi Embassy. Hijaz Travel Ltd will not be held liable if any visa is refused. All cancellation charges and all expenses will be bared by the individual concerned.ALL OF THE ABOVE REQUIREMENTS MUST BE HANDED IN TO US UPON REQUEST – USUALLY 10 WEEKS BEFORE DEPARTURE DATE PLEASE NOTE THAT ON COMPLETION OF A BOOKING YOU ARE CONSIDERED TO BE IN AN AGREEMENT WITH ALL OF OUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS. PLEASE ALSO NOTE THAT YOUR PLACE IS NOT CONFIRMED UN TIL YOUR PAYMENT FOR YOUR CHOSEN PACKAGE HAS BEEN CLEARED

Please also note that if you are booking a quad or triple room we cannot guarantee that you will be placed in the same room or floor with other members of your group. You will need to be tolerant towards the other hajjis that will be sharing the room with you under all condition. There is strictly no smoking policy in both hotels. Strictly no men are to enter the female rooms for any reason whatsoever. If you need to speak or see your wife/sister/ mother etc please do so in the hotel lobby, restaurant or communal area etc. Please respect the privacy of each and all hajji. If you are unable to accept these terms then we recommend that you book a double room or family room.





Please download the hajj 2020 booking form, fill up all the relevant details and email the form back to us.

Our email address is: hajj@hijaztravel.co.uk 

Booking For Hajj 2020